گل رحمان فراز

The Taliban; I know

Every speech needs an introduction. An accepted preface is to cover the whole details of the topic as a clue of points. Taliban political startpoint to influence country power was alongwith afghan youths’ seeking shelter on American military aircraft’s wings which cost crashing and death of the passengers suspended to the wings. Those who rule in Taliban government may bring minor changes to their actions and dressing in comparison to their previous dark governing regime but it does not mean or can’t be expected that they will respect administrative rules or honor management pillars. They may change their horsewhip/lash with Police slat but the level of cruelty will unexpectedly get increased.

What the taliban do on their soveriengty:

ANSF Deletion:

The first stage of Taliban governing is to ignore gained achievements. All efforts of International societies and Afghan government were establishing Army and governance within 20 years. Afghan National Army (ANA) recruited 300000 well trained/

equipped, armed and expertised staffs to rule for ensuring security which was cancelled. The fears of collapsing the pillars of governing feed from such cases. Those ANA well trained, professional and war experts would be killed, terrored, tortured or jailed by Irresponsible Armed Groups and the heavy/light weapons may be transferred and hand overed to the enemies of Afghanistan. On that time; the starting spots for interconflicts would be raised in all over the country.

Acting on Foreigner’s Orders:

Taliban Acting based on foreign and neighbouring countrie’s instructions will let Afghanistan to have a distanced way reaching freedom of thought, rule of law and social justice on their governance. Taliban compromised politically with Russia, China, USA, Iran and Pakistan counties before taking control of all parts of Afghanistan. They were not able to match their activities on the level to be accepted by any of the counterparts. Taliban families’ captivity in foreign countries let them act accordingly. Taliban implement the planned goals of their partner countries to the area.

Tribal Discrimination:

Power monopolization and solotribal ruling is

govering to the current Taliban sovereignty. sharing of power and remarking tribes for establishment of a new system is significant for the country and power resistance and remenance. If we imagine the governance theory of TBs, will reach to this conclusion that the true majorities were not able to govern individually, how can such a false majority can rule a country of different truth minorities. It is better for TBs to claim for tribal partnership and sharing ruling power among all tribes in Afghanistan. That is the only way to consent people obeying TBs.

Immigration and Brain Drain:

It was recommended/needed for the TBs to act socialogically before ruling national power. Sociology provides opportunities for Islamic Emirate high ranking members to be familiarized with society’s bases of a 21st century afghan society dressed, inhabited and compromised with revolution of; Democracy, Election, Human Rights, Women Rights, Social Justice, Good Governance, Cultural and Civil Activities, Freedom of Speech and  access to Education..etc. it is challenging to govern without paying attention to the mentioning points. Furthermore; people will not obey the command of lash. they should intercourse with

nation. This is a unique solution to keep governing. Youths were emigrated reminding cruelty of the previous TBs dark regime in 1995. Young Afghans seeking shelter story to the Wings of US Aircraft and cracking up to the land from the air is a tragedic sorrowful pain of Afghan context after withdrawal of American government from Afghanistan policy. This story shakes humanitarian feelings and reveals TBs cruel governance.

Raising Poverty:

A war based country is mostly controlled by disasters of economical poverty and migration. Mosts are looking their feeding lives throughout saling goods for people to the streets. A large number of governmental low ranking staffs matched their monthly paid wage/salary with their normal life’s expenditures. House rent, buying flour and oil are the basic needs of an Afghan citizen narrowed/challenged under TBs governing System. lack of employment, halfmade govermental pillars collapsing, darkness of hope from international societies…! are increasing poverty coverage for TBs government and breaks nation backbone.

Breeding Ignorance:

It is ignorance leading which makes taliban

governance pillars unsteady. TBs governance is ruled by ignorance. TBs high ranking officials have come to rule national and international governmental policy with the educational backgrounds attained from Pakistan mosques and religious madrasas. Most are Mullahs and Students of Religious Colleges. They are supposed to manage and lead Afghanistan in the same track of universe improvements. lack of experience, professionals, no good governance, management and leadership information, ignoring ladies (half of soceity) and censoring media broadcasting…! are the main reasons of ignorance leadership. It is easy to compromise but hard to reconciliate with ignoramus.

Commanding Extremism:

Acting of TBs based on extreme islamic rules will facilitate the challenges of brain drain for the youth generation. a person in the light is hatred of darkness. He who expertises wisdom is against of ignorance. having not keeping in mind of such remarks will increase nation detestation and ultimately the governing system would be broken.

Poppy/opium Production:

Poppy/opium cultivation, production and smuggling

were the biggest resources of Taliban income in the past years when they were fighting against Afghanistan National Security Forces (ANSF). TBs belief on their previous income sources will face nation to addiction. Afghanistan reattribution as a centre of poppy production would be another disaster which harms the longterm future.

Unaccess to Education:

Lack of an organized governing infrastructure and payment ambiguity for the teachers and staffs of the departments will eradicate mission commitment and transparency to teach and train  future generation. country future belongs to the education of new and young generation. all focuses and efforts should be done to train new generation. we were born in disaster and remenance of war decades. This heritage should be buried here and must not be transferred to the future generation.

Human and Women Right’s Obscurity;

Human are not bearing their basic rights and privileges under the control of Taliban. People are deprived of the initial and basic citizenship rights and have no choice of selection. Demonstration and asking for justice and rights is a big crime. People’s unsatisfaction from extreme TBs rule narrates that

their governing system is not standardized.

What they should do under their sovereignty:

Absolute Amnesty:

Although TBs declared the slogan of amnesty when they occupied districts’ centers of the provinces but some reactions were taken on aimful terrors and killings. It was not only forgiven but also increased. TBs acting against saying will make people suspected to the truthfulness of speech. TBs trust components among people are acting based on saying. If such a confidence does not get freshed, there won’t be any time to compensate. On that time; we would have a government with no nation.

Formation of Government Structure:

Nothing is important than focusing on formation of governmental structures. TBs should know that governance is different from Guerrilla and Cold Wars to shoot bullets toward enemies trench. Having an organized formation, assigning people based on merit and eligibility, powerful management, monitoring and  considering citizen’s problems and complaint…! are the basic pillars of good governance.

Narration of Extension:

In the current period of TBs; Government is ruled by a specific tribe named (Pashtoon). Being open minded, considering absolute minorities, ignoring false majorities, figuring participation, sharing power, respecting merits and eligibilities and establishing of compatriot theory out of belongings, discriminations and differences can return the devested contentment of the prople from TBs governing system. that is the time when people would feel secured.

Values Standardization:

Governance is different from conducting local governing system by having a field court to punish criminals. TBs should not implement the image of their field court for citizens’ minds. TBs moderation on their governing actions out of extremism can bring nation satisfaction. On that time; people will feel sure and enjoy their lives being under the flag of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

Lobbying for Universal Donations:

TBs Government in Afghanistan could not stand alone and can not be independent without relying on other countries cooperations. mining limitations, unemployment and tax paying will demolish people

lives. How can be expected of a government to ensure nation satisfaction even not able to pay for the guards who are ensuring security? If TBs start their diplomatic and political talks with the language of extremism, none of the countries would be voluntarily accept to run on. Islamic countries could not cover one another country governance and the western countries are still suspected to the TBs unaccepted behaviours.

Security and Peace Rebuilding:

People of Afghanistan were enshrouded and buried with the ambitions of peace stability and ensuring security. Any periods of presidential elections winners had talked about peace and security ensuring but did nothing for. Political Parties are looking in a project vision for Peace process. A project that the planning was different from its implementation. The matter of ensuring security was interrupted by the TBs in the past two decades of internal wars. This is time for TBs to make an example of their bad actions and try to realize nation dreams. Suicide attack done against Taliban by ISIS-K at Kabul Airport is the clue of torture continuation to the life of Afghan wretched society. They were killed and would be killed more.

Rule of Law:

Nation Immunity is ensured under the sovereignty of laws. Citizens’ rights are guaranteed when people consider themselves responsible of Law implementation and the government should set down law articles to the society out of prejudices. management will be made to the governing system by remaking rule of law.


Election is one of the significant parts of democracy which refers to the people’s vote. This process facilitate the peaceful transition of power from one group to another. People feel themselves copartner of the government within this process. They would think of establishing improvement, governance, peace and security throughout their participation. The story of allegiance in Islam narrates to refer on nation choice. President selection through a transparent election will find the chance to satisfy nation from government ruling.

Social Justice:

All citizens should bear the same rights and privileges. Considering majorities and ignoring minorities will run governing out. Citizens should

have a remarkable role under law coverage of Taliban government. social justice is ensured when there is no preferences among prople of the society in governance system.

Rathering Merit versus Reference:

recommendations of employment for uneligible people is ruling in a disorganized government. All achievements would be demolished when high ranking officials concentrate on recommendation of appointing friends and relatives. Anarchical government of Ghani is a revealing example to such period of power. TBs should highly consider this point in their governance.

Reviewing the previous dark governing system of Taliban in 1995 will cause minds to be disordered. It seems hard to tolerate ignorance sovereignty. Taliban had been the caustic and virulent truth of our society in the post two decades. mind creates and imaginative figure of Taliban dressed with turban, beard, ignorance, knout/lash, disorderness and extremism. In our analyze retrospection to inspect today’s TBs should know that neither TBs belongs to the TBs handling lash to hit people nor nation is ready to accept what TBs command. Today’s TBs are inspired by USA. They used to

establish their political office in Qatar/Dowa instead of Traditional Office based in Kandahar Province. Today’s nation is calling democracy as their slogan, talking on freedom of speech, rights of attaning education and having peaceful life. The issues shared among them are: ceasefire, peace stability, ignorance of past and hoping peaceful atmosphere to live brotherly with each other in Afghanistan. In this case; better to consider Taliban governance with today’s narration. Todays TBs are conducting meetings with infidels, do not break TV monitors, wearing tie, speak english, establish political office, participate on discourses. they comment and criticize and at last they conduct meetings to take over the control of all country peacefully. No one can hide excellences of an extremist government which decreases house breaking, larceny and robbery. no one can talk over rules but most of the advantages mentioned to the initial paragraphs of this article are suppressed. They get their defining diagram under the coverage of a natin accepted and elected government.

Gul Rahman Faraz