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Jamghor Charity Organization Works Tirelessly to Empower Individuals, Families and Communities Across the country.

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The Core of The Mission, Vision & Value Our Non-Governmental Organization

The mission of Jamghor Charity Organization (JCO) is to empower and uplift marginalized communities by providing comprehensive support, resources and opportunities for sustainable development. We strive to address the diverse social, economic and humanitarian needs of individuals and families with a focus on increasing well-being, strengthening resilience and promoting social justice. Through collaborative efforts and community engagement, we aim to create positive and lasting change and ensure that all community members have equal access to essential services, education, health care and livelihood opportunities. Our mission underscores our commitment to building a more inclusive and just world, where every person can thrive and reach their full potential.

Mission, Vision and Values
JameGhor Charity Organization (JCO)

Projects of Jamghur Charity Organization

Jameghor Charity Organization Projects Overview

Jameghor Charity Organization (JCO) has implemented various impactful projects from 2014 to 2024. Highlights include providing cash assistance to 200 households affected by floods in Ghor (funded by CISU), enhancing staff capacity and environmental initiatives in Firozkoh (Afghanaid), and distributing greenhouses and renovating livestock stables for 300 households (UNDP-Afghanistan).

JCO supported health and education for 5000 individuals in Ghor and Badghis with Globuspuljen and supplied educational and medical resources to 100,000 patients through Genbrug til Syd. In 2022, CISU & DERF funded assistance for 200 internally displaced households. A media project funded by USAID in 2014-2015 reached 2,000,000 viewers. JCO also empowered youth through sports and provided urgent aid to 300 families after the Herat earthquake.

These projects reflect JCO’s dedication to enhancing education, health, disaster relief, and community development across Afghanistan.

  • Assisting The IDPs to Prevent A Human Catastrophe

    Funded by DERF (Danish Emergency Relief Fund 2021 – 2022)

  • Empowering the young in Afghanistan through sport

    Funded by Danish CISU

  • Herat Earthquake Relief: Providing Urgent Aid to Victims

    Funded by DERF 2023 – 2024

  • GLOBUS (earlier called Recyle for South)

    Got funds since 2012, supporting schools and hospitals, invalid and handicapped people in Ghor province, Farah, Badghis and Herat. (more than 35 funds)

  • Water Dam Project Salvation And Hope

    (Funded by DRC Danish Refugee council, from 2023 – 2026)

  • Enhancing Livelihoods Through Improved Vegetable Production and Healthier Animals

    (Funded by UNDP, 2023-2024)

JCO Projects

Jamghur Charity Organization Partners

JCO is honored to partner and work with many national and international grantors and NGOs. We are proud to be part of a larger NGO community worldwide. Below, you can see some of our national and international partners.

News and Media

JCO’s work is valued and published to raise awareness within the community and among our target groups. We aim to spread the good news about JCO’s activities to inspire other NGOs to engage in similar impactful work. Through sharing our successes and strategies, we hope to foster collaboration and innovation in the humanitarian sector.

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Interested in making an impact? Explore exciting opportunities to join our team at Jam Ghor Charity and contribute to meaningful projects that empower communities, promote social justice and create positive change.

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    Photo Gallery

    Below is an image gallery showcasing some of the remarkable work and impactful results achieved by the Jameghor Charity Organization (JCO). These images highlight our diverse projects, from disaster relief and community health initiatives to educational support and capacity building programs. Each photograph captures the dedication and hard work of our team and volunteers, reflecting the positive changes we’ve brought to the lives of those we serve. We hope this gallery inspires others and demonstrates the tangible benefits of our efforts in various communities.