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The consequences of the Taliban administration after August 2021

The Al-Qaeda terrorist organization is an excuse for US’s war in the Middle East and Afghanistan:

Analysts of Afghanistan’s political events believe that in the continuation of the wars, Washington has pointed the finger at accusations towards the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization led by Bin Laden under the pretext of the terrorist event of September 11, 2001. The main perpetrators of the September incident are still shrouded in mystery. So far, Washington has not conducted any conventional and responsible research in the field. During the years of the Cold War in the 80s of the last centuries, Washington played a central role in the creation of its own Al-Qaeda organization to fight against the Soviet troops in Afghanistan. After the Taliban refused to hand over their guest bin Laden, at the request of Washington, the United States invaded and occupied Afghanistan, contrary to Article 52 of the United Nations Charter, and called their false and demagogic goals “fight against terrorism”, “establish democracy”, “support human rights” and “eradicate cultivation, production, and drug trafficking” While if Ahmad Shah Masood, who was fighting against terrorism, Al-Qaeda and terrorist groups in Pakistan, was given the necessary military and financial support, he could have defeated the Taliban in Afghanistan.

At the beginning of the aggression, in which the US acted alone, then US President George Bush called the campaign in Afghanistan “Operation Enduring Freedom”. He added that their war was “unlimited” in terms of time and space due to suppression, capture and punishment of terrorists, “every country that is with you is a terrorist”, and he imposed a global coalition on them by combining a large number of countries of the world.

Abdul Ahad Faiz writes in his analysis on the matter; “The result of America’s longest war in Afghanistan, with an alleged cost of 2 trillion dollars, is the apparent death of 2,450 Americans and 3,850 of their contractors, more than 2,000 soldiers of other coalition countries, and more than half a million Afghan citizens, both military and civilian. But the worst pain is that, based on the approach of US President Donald Trump’s administration, Washington had opened negotiations with terrorists such as fanatic, bigoted, stubborn and obdurate Taliban, while they were on the UN Security Council’s blacklist. Washington had allocated millions of dollars to track down each of the terrorists. As a result of Washington’s two-year negotiations with its proxies and agents, in the absence of the real representatives of the Afghan people, a 400-page agreement was signed on February 29, 2020, in Doha, Qatar. Based on the hidden aspects of the aforementioned agreement, in understanding and agreement with his mercenaries who surrendered power to the Taliban in a pre-organized conspiracy by a puppet government called, “A government of 4 people under the leadership of Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai”. This surrender was given to the terrorist and opinionated Taliban, the so-called Emirate of terrorists, without the slightest resistance or even firing a single bullet, along with 250,000 defence-security forces and advanced American military equipment worth 70 billion dollars. The result of this surrender is the domination of the medieval situation and the current catastrophe. The burden of these anti-human crimes was imposed on the suffering people of Afghanistan, especially its captive women.

“After the occupation of Afghanistan and later Iraq, Washington created illegal and dangerous prisons such as “Guantanamo, Bagram, and Abu Ghraib” as well as in some Eastern European countries that are members of NATO. The Americans called those captured “combatants without a land.” The defendant, for that reason, is entitled to a guaranteed interrogation, were not recognised as   “prisoners of war” and because of being imprisoned outside the American geography, they were not subject to the four Geneva conventions, additional protocols and the convention against torture”, pointed out by Ghafar Harif in an article on the Ariaye website.

The Guantanamo prison with an area of 45 square miles on the south-eastern coast of Cuba, is one of the US military bases to keep those arrested suspected of terrorist activities who have been caught outside the US, were imprisoned coming from 42 countries of the world, including 700 prisoners from Afghanistan.

According to Article 5 of the Geneva Convention No. 3: “Those arrested on the charge of terrorist cases according to Article 4, until their status is determined by a competent court, shall enjoy the protection of Convention No. 3. “

According to the published reports from the Guantanamo prison, the detainees were subjected to torture, severe and inhumane torture, which according to the provisions of articles 50, 51 and 47 of the 4 conventions of the United Nations, the mentioned situation was to considered under the framework of “crime against humanity”, and the perpetrators were found to have violated the mentioned conventions. They can be prosecuted by the World War Crimes Court. ».

A look at the administration of the Taliban group:

The Taliban came to power on August 15, 2021, in a previously organized conspiracy. Now 567 days have passed since their rule in Kabul. With each passing day, the situation is getting more critical and life has become unbearable for people. No one feels safe. Women, who make up half of the country’s population, are deprived of all civil and human rights and freedoms under the rule of the Taliban and are imprisoned within the four walls of their homes. Officials, ex-military officers, former defence combatants and people who criticize the dictatorial and illegal rule of the Taliban and do not agree with the way of administration are persecuted and tortured. The Taliban have secret prisons in the underground rooms of the ministries. The horror and barbarity of the Taliban group and their violent confrontation with the people have not been seen in the history of Afghanistan. There are many videos of former officers’ shootings. Recently, Badruddin Haidari, a police officer of the former government, was martyred by the Emirate of Terror. Pursuing, arresting and torturing former soldiers by the Emirate of Suicide has once again increased significantly in various cities of Afghanistan. Why is the Talib monster not satisfied with all this bloodlust?!

Important developments of 2020 – Ban on women’s education:

The Ministry of Higher Education of the Taliban, through its letter No. 2271 dated 29th of August 1401, (equivalent to December 2, 2022), closed the doors of universities and higher education centres to Afghan girls and women. In response to that, some girls and women protested in the streets and expressed their disgust for this inhumane decision of the Taliban inside and outside Afghanistan. As a result, in many cases, they faced a violent reaction from the Taliban. Also, the male students stopped some educational centres to support the demand for the right of Afghan girls and women to continue their studies. Some professors of higher education institutions expressed their hatred with a resignation campaign in reaction to the Taliban’s inhumane and illegitimate decision.

Therefore, the main problem of Afghan society at the moment is the illiteracy and ignorance of the majority of the people. Many professional and educated people leave the country for safety. On the other hand, it is people’s lack of understanding of national interests and lack of national unity to defend national interests. Depriving the women of our society of education and social participation is against national interests.

We will achieve this when our people become literate, aware and vigilant. Women not only make up half of our society but the other half of the male population is produced and developed by women.

In the face of domestic and global reactions to the denial of Afghan women the right to study in universities, various countries condemned this inhuman act of the Taliban with beautiful and meaningful sentences. But according to the majority of Afghan people, the reactions and beautiful statements are completely demagogic and rub salt in the wounds of the Afghan people. Because all these authorities and countries, without exception, have joined hands together and put the Taliban terrorist group in power ignoring all their terrorist and anti-human activities and their standing against all norms of international law by threatening, forcing and blackmailing our nation. All that happened gradually through their puppets and servants deliberately headed by Hamid Karzai, Ashraf Ghani, a mentally ill and incapable person, and also Zalmay Khalilzad, this hateful nationalist, and now, with their consent, shed crocodile tears and sprinkle salt on the wounds of our people.

In the current situation, we need to conclude that educating society, informing and awakening the people should be accorded priority. It is the national obligation and duty of every committed and enlightened person in our society to unitedly work and stand against the Taliban to restore women’s rights. They need to be provided with practical support, including the right to social participation, and the right to attend university education. Now it’s time for all the people to univocally work together in a protest reaction, except for a few vital sectors such as food and public health, to paralyse the entire system of the Taliban administration. Although the campaign of the resignation of professors and academic boycott of male youths will further pave the ground for the terrorist elements to implement their inhumane plan. But more than ever before, it is necessary to use every possibility and means against the inhumane actions of the Taliban. The people of Afghanistan know that what is more important in this regard is that we should not be fooled by the humanitarian slogans of foreigners and seek to cooperate and attract them to the issues of their country. Foreign forces in the last twenty years and their minions are all responsible for the current miserable situation in Afghanistan. The people of Afghanistan firmly believe that all foreigners, including the United Nations, are responsible for creating the current situation because, except for their strategic goals, the conditions of Afghanistan’s interests have never been satisfactory to them. They take advantage of all kinds of conditions to achieve their own heinous goals and will lead our nation to more problems to the point of civil war.

Khalilzad’s role in creating the current situation:

Khalilzad from the start of the peace deal with the Taliban began sounding out potential backers in favour of the Taliban as their first-rate lobbyist.    The disgraceful Doha peace agreement between the US and the Taliban under the leadership of Khalilzad, the special envoy of the United States of America for the so-called peace affairs in Afghanistan, brought the fate of the Afghan people to the precipice of disaster, disruption and collapse. The result of the biased efforts of Khalilzad, the business partner of the Taliban, was put in power. He defined the fanatic, bigoted, anti-civilization group of the Taliban as “the force that creates order and stability in Afghanistan”. He brazenly introduced the Taliban as a changeable, moderate and national force. He supported them based on his ethnic affiliation and tendency. It was his biased political support that the Taliban usurped political power. Finally, all political, economic, cultural and social fabrics collapsed which was not only a human disaster but also the destruction of values and some achievements which happened. It erased the positive, but it marked the failure of the civilized world led by the United States against the army of arrogance and ignorance. Now the people of Afghanistan do look to the United States as a conspiratorial country, a bully and an accomplice of the Taliban criminal gang associated with the crimes committed against the people of Afghanistan just for their domination in the region. Thus, the reason for a negative way of thinking of our people against America and its partners originates o from Khalilzad’s dishonesty in advancing the Doha peace process. It is considered by the majority of people in Afghanistan as a great crime engineered behind closed doors and without the awareness and participation of the true representative of the people of Afghanistan. The current situation is a by-product of corrupt governments and ethnic conflict propagated by Ashraf Ghani and his predecessor Hamid Karzai.

If the United States of America does not consider itself responsible and is a supporter of the Afghan people, instead of unilaterally interacting with the Taliban, it should completely cancel the Doha Peace Agreement with this group. Subsequently, under the supervision of the United Nations, a transitional government, without the participation of the previous thieves of millions of dollars and the corrupt institutions of the past regimes. It should be formed from a combination of experts and people of good name for two years, in which the real representatives of the people of Afghanistan be allowed to participate. Khalilzad, Ashraf Ghani and Hamid Karzai and their team, who caused the downfall of the system and handed over the power to the Taliban and caused the political and moral failure and humiliation of the United States of America in the world, should be brought to justice and prosecuted.

During their stay in the Kabul palace, the Taliban once again proved that they conflict with education, knowledge, humanity, civilization and science. The Taliban is against Afghanistan’s national interests and they are the protector of Pakistan’s interests. They are the cause of gender apartheid in society and conflict with all national and international standards of civil life. First of all, Talibanism refers to the Taliban, ideology, theology and primitive interpretation of the holy religion of Islam. Their vision of slam is extremely, petrified, absolutist and formed according to the principles and way of thinking of Deobandi religious schools in Pakistan. Contrary to the idea of many intellectuals, the Taliban system is a codified and coherent thought. From the address of Amirul Momineen and the Islamic Emirate, the Taliban leadership is trying to make it happen. The Taliban’s manifesto and fundamental thought are expressed in the book “Islamic Emirate” written by Sheikh Abdul Hakim “Qazi al-Qadat”. According to Mr Sadat, national and international experts, including the United Nations believe that five to seven people are the main theological leaders of the Taliban leadership.

Militia and civil wars of the Taliban- in 2023 

According to Iran’s report, the issue of power change within the Taliban is one of the issues that have been raised from time to time, especially recently, that as a result of this change, the power of the Taliban leader may be limited or even removed. Some observers think that an internal coup is very risky and this action may lead to the execution of the coup organizers and the split of the Taliban. The division of the Taliban group is linked to foreign intelligence activities. It is clear from the evidence that the possibility of a coup requires unity of action between Mullah Baradar, Sirajuddin Haqqani and Mullah Yaqoob. But none of them trusts one another, and it also requires the cooperation of several important Taliban military commanders to carry out a coup plan. Currently, the probability of occurring such a scenario is small. Recent developments suggest that a low-risk power transition model is currently being pursued by some disgruntled Taliban leaders. But it is difficult to realize it, and that is the revival of the “Leadership Council”; In such a way that decisions are made through consensus within the council and then get approved by the Taliban leader.

The situation in Afghanistan in 2023 will depend on whether the Taliban leader Haibatullah Akhundzada will continue to exert his strong influence over all decision-making. Of course, Haibatullah does not exist physically. An ISI General issues an order in the name of Hibatullah. The second important dynamic is the issue of terrorism and militancy. It is unlikely that the Taliban will be able to gain more control over ISIS in Khorasan. ISIS and Taliban are both foreign intelligence projects. As Afghan people know, the Taliban and ISIS are like two sides of the same coin. If they work according to their wishes and requests, they are Talibs, and if they disobey the order of their supporters, they will be suppressed in the name of ISIS. Supporters of ISIS and the Taliban are the same. It operates in the US and the operational area of Pakistan. However, two questions remain: Can the Taliban largely prevent its forces from separating from this group? And whether the Taliban can curb the terrorism originating from Afghanistan and thus prevent foreign powers from supporting the anti-Taliban groups or not? Is the National Resistance Front led by Ahmad Masood a serious threat to the Taliban? The answer to this question will be responded in future how the intelligence game between America and England, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia on the one side of the equation and the countries of the Russian Federation, China, India and Iran, which are Asian allies against US presence, will be played in the region on the other side of the equation. Of course, the results of the war in Ukraine and stability in the newly independent countries of Central Asia are also closely related to the formation of the situation in Afghanistan.


The situation looks dark for women in Afghanistan:

Since August 2021, the Taliban have greatly increased the number of their mobile police to drive women from public places. In parallel with the economic crisis that the country is facing, the social, psychological and security situation of Afghan women is in pathetic situation and has become worse than before. Currently, since the return of the Taliban to power, women have faced many restrictions.

After the Taliban returned to Kabul, they quickly emphasized the pushback of Afghan women. Many women remember well the dark years of the last Taliban rule from 1996 to 2001. During that period of “Islamic Emirate” rule, women accused of adultery were stoned to death in the sports stadium of Kabul. It was mandatory to wear a full hijab. Girls were not allowed to go to school. Returning to power in 2021, the Taliban, who want to convince the international community that they intend to abide by its rules, will try to pretend to be more lenient. But their violence against women shows that this bigoted and misogynistic group has done nothing but hypocrisy, lying and deceiving the world community.

Expulsion of brokers from institutions

However, during the existence of the Taliban, restrictions towards women significantly intensified. The presence of women in political life is prohibited. However, in the previous successive governments, a large number of women held positions in the administrations and assemblies of the “Islamic Republic” of Afghanistan (2001-2021). A large number of female employees were laid off, and the only exception, in this case, was in some sectors where their presence was felt essential.  Under the rule of the Taliban, women in many institutions were sacked for keeping men and women departed not embezzling men and women. Women were able to keep their jobs in only a few fields, such as health, education (in the girls’ primary school), and international and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). In addition to the restrictions related to work, sports, gymnasiums, halls, parks and promenades were also closed to women.

At university, students are segregated by gender. Afghan women can no longer travel more than 72 kilometres without a and, (legal close family members such as a brother, father and uncle). Women are also prohibited from travelling by plane alone. Last spring, the Taliban made it mandatory to wear a full hijab and recommended that this hijab be a burqa. These regulations are not followed throughout Afghanistan, but female TV presenters must follow them, otherwise, they will face serious punishments. According to Richard Bennett, the UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in Afghanistan, the fundamentalist movement aims to “make women invisible”. This gender discrimination against women has reached its peak with the closure of girls’ high schools.

These ideas of purifying women were implemented in the [Qur’anic] schools of Pakistan among the exiles who fled from Afghanistan after its occupation by the Soviet Union in 1979 and were deeply engraved in the consciousness of the Taliban sect. According to Dr Nishan Motwani from Harvard Kennedy School: “Taliban movement can be divided into 3 groups.”

First of all, it is the spiritual management that provides its religious legitimacy. Then, there is public diplomacy, which is the responsibility of the technocrats who are the public faces of the Taliban, especially in the international arena. Finally, it is the Haqqani group that controls the key sources and points of power. These three groups create the feeling that there are differences between the moderate and extremist factions and they have different goals.” But in reality, this is not the case. There is no difference between the Taliban, they are all fed from the same source. Intelligence professionals draw the good, the bad, and the worse aspirants to achieve their strategic goals. But as a common saying in Afghanistan describes them: The dog is the jackal’s brother.

The outlook of Afghanistan this year – the life of the people under the rule of cruel Taliban:

Hunger and famine are widespread. The majority are living below the poverty line, and lawlessness and violence are prominent features of the Taliban terrorist system. Internal differences between different groups indicate the possibility of widespread armed clashes in different parts of the country. The Taliban group is connected with the intelligence of the region and they are not only under the control of their main supporter, which is the United States of America. Even though America brought them to power in a pre-planned conspiracy and gave them all the military weapons. Afghanistan has been engaged in intelligence wars for the last forty years. Each group is connected with one of the regional and extra-regional intelligence networks. Therefore, the differences between the Taliban, known as Qatari, headed by Mullah Yaqub and Mullah Baradar, and the group that was released from the American prisons of Guantanamo Bay detention camp and Bagram airport in Kabul and led by Mullah Haibatullah, are due to their connection with foreign intelligence.

The relationship between allied and opposing groups of the Taliban is also fragile and shaky.   Haibatullah was killed in 2018 in Quetta according to local information. One of the generals of Pakistan’s intelligence, nicknamed “Haibatullah” or a code, issues orders from the position of the leader of the Taliban. He gives orders and forbids as a head of the Taliban’s supreme command. The opening of the Taliban embassy in Tehran shows the closeness of the Taliban group with Iran’s Quds intelligence forces, which has been monitoring the movements of America and Israel in the region for years.

The land of Afghanistan is now in the possession of various foreign intelligence groups. Mullah Yaqoob, the Minister of Defence, said that we do not have control over Afghanistan. Unidentified planes and infantry are flying in the airspace of Afghanistan. This shows the complexity of the situation and the intelligence war between the involved and interested countries, which were previously mentioned as the two groups of allies and united ones.

Pakistan’s trick of the relationship with the Taliban and the date of the beginning of its strategic depth in Afghanistan: 

Are the Taliban, who are proxy forces for the realization of Pakistan’s strategic goals, a threat to this country, or is it a trick and evasion of the empty claims of the rulers of Islamabad?

There is no doubt that the Taliban are the product of Pakistan’s military and ISI militias. This truth is like the daylight that Pakistani rulers and military officials have stated from time to time. As Benazir Bhutto admitted in an interview with Le Monde magazine in 2001 that Tehreek-e-Taliban (Taliban movement) was created by Pakistan in close cooperation with America and Saudi Arabia. After that, Pakistani officials such as Sartaj Aziz, the former national security adviser of Pakistan and Musharraf and Asad Durrani, the former head of the ISI, and other Pakistani officials have admitted, despite the concealment, that the Taliban leaders in Pakistan benefitted from all health services. They have enjoyed military and political support in Pakistan. Karnail   Imam’s words in the book “How did the Taliban arise” are more explicit in this regard. He says that out of 50 people, Karzai and Mullah Omar were introduced to ISI. But Mullah Omar was accepted because of his greater loyalty to the ISI. It is a fact that the Taliban, despite their lopsided approach to Pakistan, are loyal fighters and road smoothers of its strategic depth in Afghanistan.

It should be noted that the depth of Pakistan’s strategy in Afghanistan is related to the formation of Pakistan in 1947 when the Afghan National Council refused to recognize the Durand border. Abdul Rahman Pazhwak, the representative of Afghanistan in the United Nations, voted against the formation of Pakistan as an independent country. The depth of Pakistan’s strategy in Afghanistan dates back to the establishment of the country’s intelligence agency in 1948, which was established by a British general. He was the head of the ground staff of the Pakistan Army. This theory was later developed by generals such as Hamid Gul and Akhtar Abdul Rahman. The depth of the strategy proposed by Pakistan’s generals in competition and enmity with India; in fact, the means of extortion and looting of Pakistani generals have been proposed under the name of defending Pakistan to pave the way for their terrorism.

Pakistan’s military is trying to hide its actual goals, and hide the depth of this country’s strategy in Afghanistan as Pakistan’s national interest. It was based on this theory that Pakistani generals supported the jihad of the people of Afghanistan against the Soviet Union and later the Taliban against the United States and led the Mujahideen and Taliban wars against the Afghan governments at the cost of playing with the fate of the Afghan people. The presence of ISI generals in past wars, especially in the Jalalabad war during the Mujahideen era and in the Kunduz war, is clear to everyone. Afghan army officers have seen many times that Pakistani generals were fleeing from Kunduz with women’s veils. Therefore, yesterday, jihadist groups, especially Gulbuddin   Hekmatyar’s Hizb-e-Islami, and today, the Taliban, have been active agents of Pakistan’s strategic depth in Afghanistan. Now the question is, what has happened so that the Taliban, as a strategic asset of Pakistan, has become a threat to this country? This demagogic claim of Pakistani authority to divert the attention of the people of the world comes from its continuous interventions of sending terrorists to Afghanistan.

Fateh Sami

Date: 5/03/2023