فاتح سامع

Approving the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan puts the surrounding area at greater risk

Interview with Fateh Sami on the recent new development in Afghanistan <Part-1>

The interviewer is Juichi Noguchi, the Editor-in-chief of “Web Afghan in Japan”.

Six months have passed since the Taliban occupied Kabul. Afghan people are suffering not only from the Taliban’s tyranny but also from severe cold, drought and earthquakes. In this imminent situation we would like to ask some questions


 I think that international support for the people of Afghanistan is necessary, but how can we support the people in the situation where the Taliban dominates the country?

As you know, the Taliban was established in an organized intrigue in Afghanistan, they grabbed the power in a conspiracy, not by military might. The United States, which occupied Afghanistan with its NATO allies in the name of fighting against terrorism, was not waging war against terrorism at all. Those who took part in the terrorist operations of the New York Twin Towers were Saudi nationals and Egyptians. It is also clear that Pakistan is a centre for training, arming, gathering and sending terrorists to Afghanistan and in the region. Osama bin Laden, the leader of Al- Qaeda, Lashkar-e-Taiba and the Taliban have all curried out their operations from Pakistan. Taliban and other terror groups were in the Islamic schools under the direct supervision of the Pakistani intelligence service (ISI) in Afghanistan and the region. Islamic extremists have been aware of Pakistan’s full support. There is no doubt about this and it is as clear as the daylight.

Given this preface, it is worth noting that US and allied military forces have killed thousands of Afghans for 20 years under the guise of fighting terrorism by land and air. The occupying troops destroyed houses and imposed the most corrupt regimes on the people under the leadership of Hamid Karzai and Ashraf Ghani in rigged elections. Millions of dollars were donated in the name of the people of Afghanistan but all were robbed by the puppet regime high ranking officials.   The current poverty threatening the lives of millions are mainly the by-product of a corrupt regime that intentionally handed over the power to the Taliban. At present majority of people live in poverty and misery, and all the people, except the puppet and corrupt group, hate the functions of the US government and its field manager, Pakistan.

Now the best option is for the countries involved in the issue of Afghanistan not to recognise the Taliban administration. Taliban terrorist groups should remain unrecognized and the aid for the poverty-stricken people of Afghanistan needs to be delivered directly to the people by the United Nations and international non-profit organizations. By setting up refugee camps and internally displaced people inside Afghanistan they should be assisted to avoid human tragedy.

Any assistance to the Taliban administration ends up in the strengthening of a terrorist organization that seized power without legitimacy and legal authorization in a tripartite US conspiracy, the corrupt and ethnic nationalist government of Ashraf Ghani and the ISI of Pakistan.


In an environment where the Taliban dominates the country effectively, I feel that some Western countries are unavoidably moving to recognize the Taliban (rather than national recognition), but what do you think about it?

The Taliban are Pakistan’s proxy agents in the region to achieve America’s long-term political, economic, and military goals. The countries in the region surrounding Afghanistan are faced with a dangerous confrontation. If any clash happens its repercussion will spread swiftly globally which will not be easy to control.

I believe that by creating a truly decentralized government in Afghanistan, the United States could live in peaceful harmony with the people of Afghanistan on the one hand and the world on the other. But to achieve its goals, a terrorist group such as the Taliban, most of whose high-ranking members are blacklisted by the United Nations as human rights violators. Continuation of dealing with the Taliban the proxies of Pakistan by the USA and its allies is seen by the Afghan people as a coercive, unethical action that pursues its goals with terrorists. Sitting of US representative at a table with the Taliban in Oslo behind the door inspire other meaning in the minds of the people that the Taliban were installed in power by the USA. All other claims are nothing but just empty words.

Recognizing the countries that created the Taliban will not bring peace at all, and the presence of the Taliban will be widespread. The other neighbouring countries of Afghanistan such as India, Iran, China, Russia and other members of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation will use the Taliban for their interests.

The unrest and attacks by the Baluchis show that Pakistan’s security is being undermined and that support for the Taliban will not guarantee peace in any way, especially as anti-Taliban resistance groups in various parts of Afghanistan await warm weather to launch their regular and organized attacks against the Taliban.

Women’s imprisonment and assassination, the mass murder of the staff of the former regime over the past six months mark the culmination of Taliban violence against the Afghan people. The Taliban administration is trying to intimidate and strengthen its dominance over the people by creating terror, but they will soon face popular resistance and guerrilla warfare.

Stepping up to control Russia, China and Iran, the USA is spreading propaganda for deviation of the public opinion that the USA was defeated in Afghanistan. The Taliban was reinstalled by American’s administrations in a conspiracy. The re-emergence of the Taliban was engineered by Americans in collision with Pakistan.

Taliban was installed in power deliberately to be used against Russia, China and Iran. There were about 190 items in the so-called peace plan with the Taliban in Doha. But only four items were made public and the rest were discussed behind closed doors.

Now logically the Taliban, however being in the UN black as a terrorist organisation. But Anas Haqqani the leader of the Taliban terror group was met at the Oslo summit under a pseudonym. How ridiculous that the name of Haqqani is on the terror group list but he was still taken by VIP flight to Oslo.

So, the mass media’s programs will be adjusted according to the same American policy in favour of the Taliban. If the Taliban does not abide by the instruction of Americans, another terror group in the name of Daesh will soon come on the stage. The US is not concerned about the total annihilation of a nation as long as its policy is working for the realisation of its long-term goal in this region. This is a new phase of the same game. But occurring slowly and gradually.


Under the occupation of the United States, many medias such as newspapers, TV stations, and Web publishers were born in Afghanistan. What was their role in the American occupation? And how will that change under the Taliban rule?

All the media, the so-called national army, the puppet regimes in the rigged elections were formed to achieve the goals of the occupying countries, and by surrendering power according to their policy, the media, their overall goal is not national interests but making a profit and under the control of the Taliban, they are forced to act as per the instruction and guidance of the Taliban.


The Taliban forbids dances, songs, arts, etc., suppresses Persian language, and executes Pashto language. Is that true?

There is no doubt about it. Eighty per cent of the Afghan people do not speak Pashto. 99% of Taliban leaders do not speak Persian-Dari. This anti-linguistic practice in Afghanistan has a long history of hundreds of years. It becomes practical. Continuation of such a situation will lead to a lasting war and even the disintegration of the country. Of course, this is the view of most analysts who see the Taliban as savage, primitive, and unaware of the modern world of the 21st century.

The Taliban are mostly trained in Pakistani Islamic schools. Their knowledge of Islam is in line with the Islamic schools of Deobandi during British colonial rule in India. The actions of the Taliban, murder and slaughter, desert executions, banning girls and women from education, enmity with music, enmity with art and literature are completely contrary to the rules of Islam and the Qur’an. The ideology of the Taliban is tied to the tribal culture of the Pashtuns, of which the Pashtun is the governor, and has nothing to do with the rules of the Qur’an and the reliable hadiths of the Prophet of Islam and the learned Islamic scholars.


 Looking at the Taliban’s policies, it seems to be a mix of bad things based on a narrow understanding of Islam and Pashtun’s medieval tradition (Pashtun-Wali). Can you tell me where the source of the Taliban’s ideological mistakes is?

This is a very good question. It seems like there should be no link, but if you look closely, all the moves are connected intertwiningly in the big game in which Pakistan role has been very prominent.

In the past, countries fought to defeat their political, military, and economic rivals through direct military confrontation. But big countries like China, Russia, and the United States, which all have nuclear weapons, create obstacles to their potential rivals by hiring and delivering mercenaries and their proxy camps. Under Pakistan’s leadership, in the role of “black water” forces, they contractually meet the goals of the countries. The role of the Taliban, ISIS and other terrorist groups in the Middle East is no different.


You analyse that the Taliban was created by United States, Britain and Pakistan, also Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia so on, but what does it have to do with the Anglo-American strategy to contain Russia and China? Especially on the Ukraine issue.

Russia’s involvement in Ukraine and the strengthening of the Taliban in Afghanistan will undoubtedly affect both China and the Russians, but because the Taliban are currently divided into three groups, each country will try somehow to use the Taliban in its favour. The entanglement of Russia in Ukraine will be a headache for Russia if the Americans and Pakistan use the Taliban to destabilise the newly USSR liberated nations in the north of Afghanistan and also create trouble with Uighur Muslims in China.

Kandahar Taliban led by Mullah Baradar to Qatar and Emirates Taliban led by Anas Haqqani who is on the United Nations ‌ black list and a cash reward for him to be killed or captured being in the possession of Pakistani intelligence.

And the group related to Mullah Yaqoob, the son of Mullah Omar, who was killed by their Pakistani patrons is currently the Minister of Defence in the Taliban administration. He is affiliated with Saudi Arabia and Emirates and is supported and funded by them.

Reports from Herat indicate that Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have ties to the Taliban, and in exchange for purchases of anti-RPG vehicles and tanks, the Taliban obtain advanced equipment, food, oil and other supplies.

With arms smuggling, Pakistani separatist Baluchis have launched attacks on the Pakistani military. Of course, Pakistan will face a major challenge in strengthening the Taliban.

Well, as you know Taliban has been a project created by the hint of British, financed and recommended by Americans and directed, managed and cared for by Pakistan.

Unquestionably, the other Islamic countries such as Qatar, Emirates and Saudi Arabia played a significant role in creating and reviving the Taliban financially and politically. I am sure in the previous articles I have touched upon them in further detail.

So, the mass media was created under the name of freedom of speech by Americans and their allies. For 20 years the mass media were tuned to broadcast the topics which were in line with the policy of the USA. Now the USA changed its policy for broader perspectives in the region. This is the beginning of a new game.

The situation in Ukraine has been designed to contain Russia. The rapid development of the situation in the region, which continues unabated with expansionist movements and US intervention after the collapse of the Soviet Union is mainly focussed to weaken and to contain Russia.

The crisis in Ukraine and the formation of Islamic extremist groups in the name of Islamic resistance in Afghanistan, which somehow threatens the security of the member states of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) has forced Russia to take security measures against the USA and NATO. Russia’s actions in Ukraine are real.

By establishing the Collective Security Treaty Organization, one of the most active combat and multi-purpose organizations in Central Asia and the Caucasus, Russia has taken effective action to restore the lost strength of the former Soviet Union, and now the United States is no longer the world’s first superpower.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the political, economic and military power of the Russian Federation diminished. Russia set up CSTO such an organization with the aim of building capacity and keeping former member states united.

The main goal of the Collective Security Treaty Organization is to limit the expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the US influence in the area of ​​neighbouring countries and its former allies.

The Russian government wanted to be a major player in the current theory, by creating new political, economic and military structures in the Central Asia and Caucasus region. The recent Russia’s decisive military show in Ukraine demonstrated that the US threat as the only superpower in the word is undoubtedly dwindling.


How did the American weapons that existed in Afghanistan before the fall of Ashraf Ghani’s regime were taken by terrorists and reach the hands of separatists in Kashmir and Baluchistan?

One of the conditions for the non-aligned peace talks was the US insistence on the release of more than 5,000 Taliban terrorists who were arrested and imprisoned for terrorist acts. After Ashraf Ghani’s escape and the occupation of Kabul by the Taliban, there was no one appointed in high ranking and decision-making position in the Taliban administration for two weeks. Therefore, the government was like a cauldron without a lid. There was no one appointed as a minister in the Ministries of Interior, Defence, and Security. After the Taliban came to power, 25,000 terrorists, including 10,000 foreigners, who were affiliated with various terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda, Jayesh Muhammad, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Islamic Sar Froshan (head sellers), etc., were released unconditionally from prisons.

The Taliban did not rule Kabul for two weeks until the head of the ISI arrived at the Kabul Citadel and appointed some Taliban leaders to key positions in the Taliban administration. American weapons and ammunition were transported to Kashmir by terrorists through Pakistan through various channels and ways. A number of these terrorists have even been stationed near the Tajik-Uzbek borders, according to Afghan analysts, and could cause many problems in those areas.
In this situation, there are two views.

First, the United States has deliberately contributed to the creation of this situation for the development and paving the ground for terrorist activities in these areas. The second view is that the United States was taken by surprise list the control and failed to manage the situation properly. The Taliban were not under the control of anyone by capturing Kabul Palace. The various Taliban groups each acted as they wished and were not subject to any competent authority.

The Taliban had previously fought in cooperation with Kashmir separatists such as the Mujaheddin Movement, Lashkar-e-Taiba under the command of Masoud Azhar, and Muhammad’s Salahuddin. The terrorists and their families were previously in Pakistan under the Taliban in Afghanistan. The Afghan Taliban had no power to control them at all, and the terrorists had no job other than war. The Taliban had previously been linked to the above terrorist groups.

Fateh Sami

21 February 2022