Shahla Latifi


Smile at the face of problems with courage
The ray of happiness

Will shine


In the summer our backyard blooms
Into the colors of vanity and passion
That matches the roses behind the fence

The water of the swimming pool agrees
With the freedom of sky that reaches out
With love around the moon

In the midst of all,I would like to evaporate
Into the silky bubble of contentment ,energy and thrill
To just move up forward on the rail of sanity
In happiness,not frail


You and I
The feelings raw

If you touch me
My eyes will drown in the mist of pleasure, quickly

With a kiss on my forehead
I will blush tenderly

But when your lips placed on mine
I will squirm and refined as a woman
Who is just ready to make love 
With no boundaries
No guilt
Just the aroma of love
And the essence of satisfaction
In the air

Shahla L