Shahla Latifi

My thoughts on 2016 US presidential election

When I think of this year’s election, it gives me fear and a perplexed uneasiness. As I am always thinking with my emotions, I have the tendency to look at things from a mother’s perspective. With regard for human life, and with nearly 50 million refugees or migrants that are fleeing conflict (and with that number rising rapidly), I vote for humanity and world peace.

I believe that our vision of the world might be idealistic if we work together to rebuild this world. This can only work if everyone looks at things with keen eyes and an open mind if world leaders make challenging decisions with wisdom, knowledge, and compassion, and if we try to mend the broken world with kindness and an unprejudiced mind.

If we stand tall and strong for the salvation of compassion and humanity, without self-preservation and selfishness, only then we can do better. And only then we can bring peace and create a world of no violence, which will prevent further moral crisis and warfare.

With my sincere hope for world peace,
Shahla Latifi