Women are the back bone of a society. Even though Women always have been treated secondary to men, but the fact remains that a healthy society need educated and healthy women to build and reform a broken society to a well,strong and stable place to live and to raise children with success and in prosperity for the future.
It doesn’t mean that women can do entirely by them selves,but together with the strength and respect of men, they could have an important hand for rebuilding and restoring the essential qualities for a better life.
By having their own voice,making their own choice as free spirited individuals,they will accomplish and triumph as daughters,wives and mothers.
And by higher and independent education and standing support, they will learn more about their values and rules in the society with self worth to do better.
Every parent should consider teaching their children( girls) about their self values and the value of book and basic duties in the future nursing and nurturing families, but also let them to read,learn,laugh and to have a little space of their own to breath,think,imagine and to grow to whom they want to become with self confident and self reservation for who they really are.

With love and regards, 
Shahla L


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