فاتح سمیع

USA Hands over Afghanistan to Pakistan – Daesh and Talib, Annoying Russia, China, India, and Iran.

Security in Afghanistan can merely be ensured by a broad-based government of Federal System, without Ashraf Ghani and Karzai and their corrupt teams, monopolisation of power under any pretext, “Emirate or Republic etc.” inflames proxy war for ever. A broad-based Nonaligned Government in Afghanistan is possible to safeguard the interest of all.

The security, political and social situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating day by day. Some analysts describe it as complex because it is related to the domestic, regional, and international factors and players.  Each of the players is engaged in a scenario of continuing the critical situation in playing chess. In other words, to accurately understand the current situation in Afghanistan, three layers must be considered, “domestic, regional and international” as the way out of war to lasting peace is not possible without considering these three basic factors. For twenty years now, the United States has spent millions of dollars from the pockets of American and NATO taxpayers in Afghanistan under the guise of democracy, the war on terror, and terrorism.

 During its presence in Afghanistan, US has put two corrupt and ethnocentric leaders at the helm of Afghanistan in rigged elections. They are Hamid Karzai and Ashraf Ghani, both of whom came to power in the Afghan government one after the other. Both now live in the presidential palace in Kabul and have close ties to the Taliban, who were trained and brained washed in Pakistani religious schools as the ISI mercenaries. (1) The other person is Zalmay Khalilzad, the US special envoy for the so- called peace process for Afghanistan. He has been engaged with the Kabul puppet government and the mercenary Taliban in a nonsensical and mysterious peace negotiations in Qatar for almost two years. The Peace which has had no consequences in Afghanistan except killings and ruinations. Khalilzad plays the role of a mediator and catalyst in this process, apparently carrying out his mission under the direction of US administration officials. Using his stance, as US Special envoy for Peace, he has used force and intimidation and has given inaccurate, biased, and wrong advice about the real situation, ethnic composition, and the reality of the society to the American authorities, pushing Afghanistan into a deep swamp with each passing day.

The product of Karzai and Ghani’s rule is nothing but the creation of the most corrupt regime in the world. In the election, Karzai spent a lot of money to bring Ashraf Ghani to power. A large part of Ashraf Ghani’s election expenses was paid by Karzai by spending the money that was   stolen from the aids donated for the rehabilitation of Afghanistan.

Khalilzad worked with Hamid Karzai in UNOCAL.  “Unocal was one of the Key players in the Cent Gas consortium, which attempt to build the Trans-Afghanistan pipeline to run from the Caspian area, through Afghanistan, to the Indian Ocean, at a time after the Taliban sieged of Kabul in 1996.” Therefore, they have been in close contact for several years. Khalilzad also is a friend of Ashraf Ghani who both studied at the American University of Beirut.  Ghani and Khalilzad rejected the 70-member Afghan Students’ Association in Beirut University and formed a separate Association called the Afghan Milat (Afghan Nation), with Mr. Anwarulhaq Ahadi and Mr. Ehsanullah, a former lecturer at Kabul University.  The “Afghan Milat” is a political organization that aims to create a single ethnic group of Pashtuns in Afghanistan and does not believe in a political rule and a comprehensive national system with the participation of all ethnic groups living in Afghanistan. They are still implanted in that idea.  Therefore, Khalilzad’s role in selecting Karzai and Ghani at the helm of power in Afghanistan cannot be ignored in retaining power within their own circle.

They (Karzai, Ashraf Ghani and Khalilzad), who have frequently expressed the latent idea of ​​ethnic chauvinism in their actions and thoughts, have made a significant contribution to the promotion   strengthening of Taliban. Through conspiracies and marginalization of other ethnic groups they are constantly trying to weaken the effective forces for the defence of Afghanistan.

The original and defending forces of the country are made up of experienced and patriotic soldiers and military forces, democratic forces, patriots and non-affiliated people, political parties who are not accused of theft and corruption. These forces are made up of university professors, specialists at home and abroad, the Mujaheddin who fought in the country’s war of liberation during the occupation of the former Soviet Union. ‌The Taliban are the product of Pakistani religious schools, they are fighting against the people of Afghanistan, doing just bloodshed and destruction as proxies of Pakistan and its international supporters. The Taliban have been backed and strengthened from within the corrupt regime of Ashraf Ghani and Karzai for two decades, and are still negotiating in Qatar under the slogan, “war is not the solution”. But contrary to their slogan they are killing the Afghan people in different parts of Afghanistan, in various ways every day against human dignity and without observation of human rights.

The second factor for continuation of the war in Afghanistan is regional factor that includes neighbouring countries in the region. These countries are Pakistan, Iran, India, China, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. Some countries favour a lasting peace in Afghanistan because continuing of crisis is harming their trade interests and political stability. Central Asian countries, Iran, China, Russia and India support peace and stability in Afghanistan.

But Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, the US, Britain which have been somehow involved in creating and supporting the Taliban, do not consider   peace and stability in Afghanistan as in their best interest. The United States is trying to strengthen the Taliban and ISIS terrorist groups in northern Afghanistan by destabilizing the north of Afghanistan, according to eyewitnesses. The injured combat forces of Daesh and Taliban have been transferred from the north of Afghanistan by unmarked helicopters. Likewise, the governments of Afghanistan since the time of Karzai’s presidency have been carrying out the project of transferring Taliban fighters to the north for this purpose, which was met with a reaction from the local people.

“Russia is aware of unmarked helicopters conducting flights in areas, where Daesh terrorists were active, particularly in Afghanistan’s north. We believe that this information is enough to draw conclusions about cooperation between the US and Daesh terrorists. Russia had already made the information it had public and that international organizations, including the United Nations. This is how terrorists received reinforcements and evacuated the wounded, as well as dead bodies.” Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said during her press briefing on Thursday. Correspondingly, Zamir Kabulov, the director of Russian foreign ministry’s Second Asian Department stated, “It would have been impossible to carry out such activities unbeknownst to the US and NATO forces that had complete control of Afghanistan’s airspace”. (2)

The ISI of Pakistan has actively been involved for many years in creation of Taliban militia in its religious schools to continue the devastating war in Afghanistan. Pakistan and its regional and international backers use the Taliban project for continuation of the war, spread of fear and panic so that they can plunder Afghanistan’s precious mineral resources. By protraction of a proxy war, Pakistan and its allies can be involved in promotion and trafficking of narcotics in the Helmand province and other regions for their interest.

Turkey, which participated as a member of NATO, will remain in Afghanistan under the pretext of guarding Kabul Airport. Why?

Turkey is a member of NATO and has been involved in the so-called fight against the terrorist groups, especially al-Qaeda and DAESH. The United States by abruptly leaving Afghanistan wants to drag the war to Central Asia and China.  The handover of Kabul airport to Turkey, which is a member of NATO, is the reason that Turkey can safely and secretly transfer ISIS from Syria to Afghanistan, especially to the north, bordering China, Central Asian Nations (Russian allies) Iran. This has been a project from the time of Karzai regime which the USA, its puppet regime in Kabul have been involved in implementing this project. The population in the northern part of Afghanistan are mainly composed of Tajik, Uzbek and Hazara, the potential threat to Taliban who are mainly composed of Pashtuns. The Kabul government due to its tribal Pashtun tendency are in favour of Taliban, rather than the other ethnic groups in the north. After the US invasion of Afghanistan, as part of ISAF combat forces were stationed in Afghanistan. Turkey participated in training civil and military cadres. Turkey has also a close relationship with Pakistan politically and religiously. Turkey wants to act as a mediator apparently, but in fact facilitates indirectly the plan of USA in the northern part of Afghanistan. How?

If Turkey is assigned to maintain the security of Kabul Airport, all the necessary security and intelligence equipment will be provided by USA. Turkey also asks Pakistan assistance for the security of the airport. So, it means that USA, Pakistan, and Britain are all involved including Turkey in the implementation of the project to re-establish the region through controlling the northern part of Afghanistan. Moreover, in the Islamic world Turkey wants to take the place of Saudi Arabia in the eyes of US administration. There are two main reasons. Firstly, the airspace of Kabul will be strictly controlled for safe transfer of DAESH/ISIS from Syria to the northern part of Afghanistan. Secondly, to endure the safe return of American forces.

How the leaders of China and Russia will react in the face of the Afghan crisis depends very much on what is happening on the battlefield in Afghanistan. If a political and peaceful solution becomes impossible, then China and Russia must prepare for the security and economic threats posed by Afghanistan to their borders and interests, which can make them to enter the swamp of war in Afghanistan.

Concisely, it can be stated that the fate of the Afghan people, openly and covertly, in the political, economic, and military games of the regional powers at different times in history has always been tied to a chess game, in which our people did not have any role on their destiny. The leaders and politicians of Afghanistan should have learned by experience and consider that each country has its own interests that they will not ignore in any way for the benefit of another country. As we have all seen in the last four decades, neither the socialist nor the imperialist camp is credible.

As in the past, Afghanistan was the arena of the British and Russian empires. In the 21st century, the same scenario is being repeated in a different fashion. Today, the great military and economic powers of the world consider the best and cheapest option to defeat their opponents in proxy wars. They maintain their position and success in using pro-terrorist and ruthless groups in inflaming the proxy wars. They use money, weapons, and agents inside the systems.

High-ranking Pakistani officials recent visit to the United States, followed by a US delegation’s visit to India to reassure Indian officials from the danger of the Taliban, and forcing the Kabul regime to release 7,000 Pakistani made terrorists are enough to oust Afghanistan in a chess game. In the current situation, Afghanistan’s existence is being exposed to a great danger in the ongoing chess players’ proxy wars. Our people have no role in this game as they did not have in the past. The future seems dark and political horizon entangled in a deadlock from which it is unlikely to get out. Of course, in the presence of existing puppet politicians, it will never be possible. The only option available could be national uprising if coordinated and managed by patriotic forces from inside and outside. The recent youth demonstration in USA could be the start of national uprising inside and outside of country for cessation of blood shed in this unjust war being imposed by the regional and international players.

It seems likely that Afghanistan will go to a civil war. In that case, instability in Afghanistan poses greater economic, political, and security interests to China and Russia than to US interests. Thus, over the past 20 years, the US presence in Afghanistan has served the interests of the two main US rivals rather than the interests of the country. Controlling China’s power has been a major concern for American politicians and experts in recent years. China’s involvement in the war and the emergence of security challenges for the country could be in line with the US major goal of controlling China.

It can be argued that one of the reasons for the US lack of support for the current Afghan government in the face of the Taliban is in line with its macro-strategy to contain China. As the situation in Afghanistan worsens, the security, political and economic consequences will be felt by China and other countries in the region, especially Russia, which could lead to Russia and China entering Afghanistan to confront the Taliban. While the US and all regional and international powers including the people of Afghanistan can be ensured through establishing a broad-based government in a sort of federal system in which every citizen have a share in power but not in a monopolised middle ages Taliban tribal system and not in Ashraf Ghani regime, which his close associate Mr. Fazli  says, “ the people should obey the authority, they have not any write to ask us, we are the boss and they are like flock of sheep”.(3)









By Fateh Sami

1 /08/ 2021