گل رحمان فراز

Peace from Islam’s perspective


It is clear that Islam is not only a unique theory for knowing God, Beings and the being world, but also Islam is the faith and the religion of belief and act, religion of prophetic mission, the religion which is rights and essentials, Islam of the worksheet of our 24 hours way of living and it is the combination of all over program surrounding.
(Solha) is an Arabic word which means Peace in English and has approximately 11 meanings that are mentioned in Holy Quran as follow;
1. Peace means benefit and profit.
2. Peace means merit, desert.
3. Peace means goodness.
4. Peace means talent and adequacy.
5. Peace means amend of defections and lacks.
6. Peace means goodness and good thinking.
7. Peace means doing good actions.
8. Peace means comfortness, bless or gift.
9. Peace means reconciliation. 
10. Peace means unity and concentration.
11. Peace means compilation of fire.
Therefore, it is peace that makes the basis of human life and it is the consisting of some moral norms, values and life’s rights, it is not just the method of stopping cease-fire. Islam’s intellectuals and scholars have released various definitions regarding peace; they have defined peace as different convolution or clashes parts. Such as; peace in economic transactions, peace in family affairs and peace from the view point of values…etc. Among others, based on peace concerning war time, the theories of Islam Scholars are as follow;
The expressive meaning of peace is stopping of war time and diverting of clash situation and concluding of disputes and differences on account of this which all these actions must be done under the title of peace.
Or peace means the contraction of treaty by which fighting and literal clashes be stopped. It makes no difference either/ whether it is a spoken fighting or a weapon fighting. Then in a very short point of view or glimpse, we can remind that peace is consist of social atmosphere smoothness that all justice and freedom immunity are provided by the side of social people’s collaborations.
Peace is the issue of higher than stopping of ware and bringing calmness.
Peace is also a part of life’s philosophy by consisting of some norms and moral values and life’s’ facts.
Therefore, the vocal point of peace is eliminating violence with all of its contortion in a society, approaching in peace is related on providing of the following desires in a society;
1. Way of creating a good perspective and avoiding of negative manners.
2. Protection of identity and creating inter respect.
3. Collaborating on account of making a prosperous atmosphere.
Humanity society has got the honor of humanity body which whenever an organ from the parts of body affects in an illness or one of body parts do not do its activity properly and gradually, naturally it will have its negative impacts upon the soundness and the whole working of the body.
Islam’s prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) has pointed this scientific fact with two traditions (hadits) and says,” the symbol and example of a Muslim from the side of help and compassionate is as a body which whenever one of its parts gets injured or lost, the pain will cause other parts of body.” And is in other tradition says,” Muslim has the honour of structural brick that one of that keeps another one stable and make one another tight.” Therefore, Islam has called the faith of peace and the faith of regards and the doctrine of nature that even the things that has taken from soundness and the name of that is safety, soundness and peaceful actions. The most glorious God says,” do not try to do conflict because you will become failure and cozy and all of your power will be lost or deceased. Try to spread the ideology scheme of brotherhood among people for remaining and soundness and safety of peace in Islam community.” And said,” surely Muslims are brothers of each other and believe in the issue of Brotherhood if you want to be safety, it is a decree of improbable for making, remaining, protection and prolongation of peace and soundness of society structure and it is not practical.” This scheme is fair, logical, factual and Practical that its rightness is proved by tuition, experience, fact and it is counted from the necessaries, because as the war and conflict is the cause of ruins and destruction vice-versa peace and brotherhood is the stuff of safety and remaining as we are the witness for that. In this case, God says.” Be fair of Allah and bring changes and peace among one another and obey from God and his messenger whether you are not pagan or infidel and if you are Mohammadian.” It was shown that glorious God considers peace as a label of religion, fair of God, mark of virtue and obedience from God and his prophet and says,” if any convolution happened or any contortion created among Muslims, in this case, enhance peace among them due to they are your brothers and be fair of God and follow the virtue to be placed under the merciful and almighty of God and says.” Bless is on peace, therefore peace is bless and the device of rightness and the cause of ascending Allah’s Merciful even Allah’s Orders, Muslims that have their own preparation against enemy plots and do not become unaware but whenever the enemies want to be surrounded or submitted on peace, then let them to do so. Holy Quran says, “whenever they show their tendance regarding to peace because war is not the aim in Islam but is a method by which bringing of Justice in the ray of Islam.” If this goal can be done by peace there is no need of war, therefore Islam is the faith of Peace not war. The prophet Mohammad (PBUH) had done peace with judists because of the following things and proceed with infidels or ungodly persons by making Hudaibia Peace and respectable messenger of Islam says, “ Do you want to be informed from a thing which is better than fast, pray or charity by me?” his companions said, yes!!!
Messenger Mohammad said it is peace among each other because corruption among one another is destructible.
And also has said. “bring peace among your selves and tries for training of each other, almighty Allah bring peace among all Muslim unfortunately, resurrection or dooms day and also says.” Muslim is who which all the creatures be saved from the bothering of your hand and your tongue,” all of these verses and traditions are the expressers of peace values in Islam and it defines the concentration relationship of Islam with peace, that Islam is the faith of safety and Peace is the religion of nature and is discussed of skirmish among Muslims. Allah ordered his messenger those infidels that you did agreement with them and if they don’t have any shortage with you and if they did not support others against you, then you can have your contraction until it is ended.
Allah loves virtues persons, we must glance at that Allah consider the obedient of agreement with non-Muslim because of virtue, because peace is the guarantor of smooth and natural living continuation of the human, Allah recommended his believers and his slaves under the light and issue of sacred religion of Islam, when messenger Mohammad applied his allowable motive in Quraish, they were not agree for accepting of his motive because of their pride. Muslims and their restive messenger Mohammad have tried on bringing of peace that the best aphorist is the famous peace of Hudaibia. The intelligence of killing Osman son of Oman has spread suddenly among the people of that time. The patience of Muslims come in the lowest level on that time prophet Mohammad had been sitting under the shade of a tree. Suddenly a person proclaimed that those people who want to devote their bodies come with messenger Mohammad, the first person that expressed his agreement was Abusanan Ahsmacly after the agreement, Muslim had been ready of fighting and brought over their swords from its cover that suddenly they saw a person coming from Makah and one among all shot and said that he is familiar with him and said that he is Sohail son of Hamro and told messenger Mohammad this message that Sohail is going to be near of us. Messenger Mohammad said. “If it is so, all the people of Makah have the hope of necessary peace.” He said that he called Sohail as a smart and intelligent man. He is not interested of war and ultimately the coming man was Sohail and had brought peace requisition with him. Sohail had delivered his lecture after his relaxness as this which now, Mohammad the story of your agreement that was done with Muslim by yourself was heard by Quraish and we all had been informed from that. All the people are remorseful and un relax because of their bosses violence and the second matter was this which Osman is alive and will be returned in no time. The ways that are followed by the leaders are called mistake and senseless and I was sent jubilantly because of facilitating peace process, for extinguishing of fire violence by them, the messenger Mohammad which was fond of peace and reconciliation and by the respect of house of Allah had stopped fighting and had proclaimed cease fire. And was really glad of Sohail speeches and started speaking with Sohail. In this discussion Sohail was the delegate from Quraish tribe and Mohammad (PBUH) was the delegate from Muslim side and Imam Ali (Peace be on his face) was the clerk of this contraction.
The dialogue was concluded according to the following issues;
1. Peace must be observed for ten years between each other and is not allowed to have secret and reveal of obvious operations.
2. During the length of time, if a Quraish seeks himself to Muslims without permission of his leader, will be deported back to his homeland by Muslims and joining of Muslims with Quraish and repatriation of them in their own country or homeland is compulsory.
3. Arab tribe can be joined in one of these two sides.
4. Muslims can come for visiting of (Makah) in last year and spare their three days in Makah and must not have any other things without a sword on account of this which the swords must have cover and must not be carried on the way on their returning from Makah and during these three days, people of the Makah will gap the city of Makah for Muslims.
And those were the conditions which had been accepted by two sides, there were more points which were tried to be don by Mohammad (PBUH) in this agreement and they were glad from this agreement apparently and they did not have comprehension of the fact and the value of this agreement and also some of the Muslims that they didn’t have their own comprehension regarding to this goodness of the agreement which they had their own negative imaginations that amongst them one was Omer (May God be Satisfy from Him). He was as distinguished as he had been saying that after the accepting of Islam, no doubt had been found to his heart but Hudaibia Agreement is exception. Omer was very unrelax and he came with Abubakr Sidique and told him that Is he (Mohammad) was sent by Allah? Are we Muslims? Slowly and gradually Abubakr Sidique told him clearly and relaxely which he (Mohammad) was sent by Allah and Allah will never abate him.
Omar which was a serious man as to the comparison of others, his agitation and wary was not solved and went to Allah’s Prophet and had the same question from him and the prophet Mohammad had responded in the same order which was previously said by Abubakr Sidique. The people that they had questions regarding to peace with non-Muslims, messenger Mohammad tried to content them by convincing reasons.
On the time of agreement’s materials adjustment, Muslims had their own complains about some article’s materials and messenger Mohammad was hindrance with all agreements completely. Even the people that they wanted to be connected with Muslims were returned by Muslims. Loyalty of Muslims on their agreement had got its own fruits and a message was sent by Quraish to Muslims that they are completely and hardly remorseful of Hudaibia Peace on account of this that the chance is not with them. The Hudaibia Peace had its own aphorist to Muslims which if the peace agreement had observed like this with infidels. The agreement of Muslim with Muslim for abandonment of War or cease-fire and re-establishment of peace must be observed as a first sort or diagram.
The value of bearing that keeps and helps peace process can be researched from the characteristic of messenger Mohammad, it has been narrated that some of the popular people from the caste of Hawazon {the caste of Mohammad (PBUH) foster uncle) that all of them were submitted in Islam and came in the appearance of Mohammad (PBUH) and said among prisoners, your sister and you aunts will be as well, have them to release our detainees, Messenger Mohammad said.” I am able to forgive the rights of Abdul Mutalib’s tree and the rights of myself to you but the rights of the rest point especially and especially the rights of Immigrants and the rights of other Muslims belong to themselves and I can’t forgive the rights of them to you.” And Mohammad Said that at the end of afternoon pray standing, standing at the rows of congregation and deliver your requisition to the people and I will forgive the rights of myself and my family to you and I will request others to do so. The delegators of Hawaza Tribe had done so and their higher said, “Muslims had forgiven their rights because of their obedience from Messenger Mohammad and all of Hawaza detainees become free, their affection have been increased with Muslims and the rest point become Muslim, As well.
As the followers of such respectable messengers, we have these responsibilities that we must have confession which by passing of three historical decades in our country had its own passing and failing that the national unity had completely ruined that we must always try on its reparation. The better internal experience have shown that no one or no group has the capability of concluding fighting and bringing peace by its loneliness and now most of the people must jump to this conclusion that there is no hypothesis for finishing of these miseries without complete unity among the practical energies and sincere and faithful groups for Islam and in the homeland of Afghanistan.