Peace And Reconciliation  


Peace is one the most common and the most essential phenomenon that in every location that we live we have grappling and struggling with the peace and war so the best way for developing of our life is to have good relationship with the other people and with the other communities to increase our hopes and our dossiers for them, so the best way is to grab the peace and enforce the peace into our community into our society and into our homeland, because when we have peace in our society or in our community so I am sure and I am completely and highly sure that into the community we would have so many develops and so many increases, and I urge from all of the people of our country that they are into the territorial arias and they are called by the name of Al-Qaida or Taliban, but if we come the main issue of these common events we would have understand it that they are all the puppets of other countries they come to here to make the since demolish to make the situation disrupt, dismantle and defeat the people and to topple the people and the community into so many backwards, and I know and everyone know that we don’t work to our country fait fully and honestly just we are trying to have a good life with our family and our relatives, even though we know that its vice versa of our faith and our religion and our property and our prosperity so please come together and hugs each other and do not let other to come into our country and to arbitrate between us between our leaders between our people between our communities between our elders between our tribes. At the time of our prophet (S.A.W) there was not the issue of Sunni and Shia but now the European countries are trying to bring these differences into our religion into our Quran and into our Islam.
Today no body work faith fully because of his or her country just they are caring about their selves no caring about the nation and about the people and about their brothers and sisters.
Just the one thing that they are trying to have is money just they want to make money for their selves. It would be better that after they made money they stay into their country, vice versa of that they move into other countries to have a safe life with their families.
So please I beg to all of you, not to let other to make disrupt the situation of our country our society our community if we be unite to each other then who would have the courage to come into our country and to do whatever he or she want. Because we are in one hand because of that every country every person wants to rub this country want to make something from this country and to take it with him or her selves into their countries to have a good and safe life.
Why our country doesn’t improve???????????????????????????
It is a common question that every citizen of our country ask this question but they don’t know the truth that why our country doesn’t improve?
It is our problem not our problem of other country, we our self-want other people have arbitrate between us and make something from us but originally we don’t know their main goals. We have to know it because it is our responsibility to know about the situation and about the history of our country about the king of our country that while back ago we had the biggest Empire into the world that all of the world had fair from us but now all of them are hitting us and there is no one to take their hands and to stop them. All of them are trying to demolish this country and all of them wants to make it a base for the Al-Qaida and Taliban that although we know that who are these groups and where they had come from and what they want and what is their main goal.
We have to know it because it is not a simple question, why we don’t have war in to the magnificence countries like America, Russia, India and China why?????????????????
Because they had power and they have the intelligent and faith full presidents they are not like our leaders of our presidents to think just about their selves, they had been chose by the vote of the people to serve for them, they had not chosen to think about their selves and about their families and their relatives they have to serve to all of the people of their countries, and also at the end of the period of their presidency they would be asked some questions and he or she has to answer to that questions honestly. Because if they had a guilt them they would remain into the jail forever or may he or she would be hang up.
Thanks from your good opportunity that you spent your busy time for reviewing this topic.

Gull Ahmad Mohammadi (20/5/2015) Ghor- Ferozkoh city.



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