گل رحمان فراز

Criminality & Worship!


Criminality & Worship!

Actually the words above can not be used correlatively on the same position as to be a synonym for each other as well as, no one can afford using them in the same position  to deliver a likely message for each other. This was the logical explanation of the way that people are using spiritually but if we get on the right side of practical taking measures, it is very significant for an honest and reliable person to pass over this phenomenon successfully and precautionally as a test of appearing himself as much reliable as to be a total accepted character with extraordinary characterizations and specifications that give preferences and priorities to him/her.
Not to ignore that plenty of population are mostly accepting and taking in mind the issues which are really bearing, carrying, conveying and delivering a slogan perspective and could not be implemented as a parallel proceed with its namely saying slogan. In addition that it is impossible to become common in an area where a well known community is living, it also causes the people who are acting based on their conceives to be defamed and let the others to comprehend interlocutory points that any one should pass it over.
If we review super colleagues and most influential character's life, we get that all who try to seek ways to deceive people and to make theirselves as a memorial personalities are losing the game and concluding that as a sign of breaking in whole life's cells. To tell the truth that people are not deceiving, those who are felling the failure of the people is the notorious tribal leaders and dictator Islamic known people (especially those who had been exported in Afghanistan from the Religious Colleges of Pakistan and Iran) not only they had were taught how to act as a dictator to bring changes and accurate degrissions which were practiced by the countries who brought democracy and freedom for their homeland.
If we compare the relationship of the two headline's words in our daily life experiences, it really get its clearity by the following example; it resembles as a person who is shaving his beard and keeps his moustaches to grow or shave it too (although it is a messenger saying and action for the Muslims to let the beard grow which has rewards and keep the moustaches cleaned that to have it is sin) but the reasoning of people who act differently is this that they shave both and substitute the rewards of shaving moustaches with the sin of shaving beards to bring a parallel procedural structure of self contentment. 
When I imagine the face of a person who join terrorists, suicide bombers, Taliban and  Dahish groups as the Muslim people who are assigning the destination and path of Islam and people are eagerly accepting their choices, I really fell sorry for the outcomes and feedback of Islam for the coming Muslim generation, nowadays most of the people around the world are definitely considering terrorism and terrorist as the main achievement of Muslims, if we couldn't bring an amendment on our behavior and act of bending friendly and humanitarian relationships with people of all races, how can we expect the mass of people to believe on the honesty of a Muslim child who grows and desires to rule the future in a worldwide atmosphere?!
In conclusion, we recognised that the enemies of our government (doesn't matter who is the legitimacy of the ruling team) are the enemies of our homeland and our children's future, if we keep that as a common saying In our mind, we would never face any world spread challanges to be done by a single tinny group but get its popularity in all over the world.

With regards 
Gul Rahman Faraz