As friend for you I would do almost everything
If you be honest, loyal for human being !
World is ours, so open the window of the peace
Don’t tell us just come on to be in this gathering
War is mustn’t for us, so never fight with yours!
Using of mind is occasion for the success of living
No violence be quiet shake hands the peace to be joint
All the nations are friends, but enemies are bothering
Serve people every time and help them as much you could
Not just for self, for all in present and coming!
No border is there between me and you in the world
Destroying of the home is dangerous, stop doing
I pray for all, who rebuild the peace in each place
Due to know it, keep it save always for using!
Oh ! Fardani remember peace, and forget the last
Life gives us chance, cheer up take the time for beginning!    
Date: 2011/1/2
Written by: Said Rashid ( fardani )


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