Shahla Latifi


For (Farkhondeh) the young lady who was killed in Kabul -Afghanistan
Farkhondeh had soul with layers of pain
That was covering 
Her hopes and desires as a lady that she could never be
Her eyes glistening with tears
Her heart shattered by despair
For she knew that her life as an ill woman was not easy to bear
She wanted a rescuer
A guider
And a helping hand to give her hope,
Comfort and a friendly smile with care
And to assure her that everything will get better
But instead, in that cold day of spring
Her dream and hopes was shattered
With stones of disbelief,betrayal and lies
Her body was taken out of her soul
With no respect of her being
With such cruelty and abuse
I just wonder how she felt in those moments
Being tortured to her death
Did she still believe in God
Was she calling her mother from inside
Or did she know that cruelty of human race is totally above
All her good wishes combined
I also wonder with the tears in my heart
If she knew that compassion
Is a seldom gift that humanity possess
I wonder if we can ever be able to rebuild
The broken compassion in our hearts 
And let humanity shine like a burning star

Shahla Latifi