Aylan Kurdi

A poem to little Aylan Kurdi, who was washed ashore along with his brother and mother: 
While little “Aylan” was sleeping in her arms
On the cramped large ship
The mother was still 
She knew that her path is going to be rough 
Not easy like stream of light and pure
But as a warrior in her heart
she was determined
To carry her children to safety
On the shore
But the ocean unlike the mother
Was in motion 
The waves were floating and jumping high around the ship
The fishes big and small 
Were touching the surface of the water
Around the sharp edges
To welcome the children
With a comforting greeting
Children were sleepy 
Men were nervous and uneasy
Women were preoccupied with worries
The ship cracked open
Stars wrinkled in the dark sky
The fishes jumped around
And spurt the water with the sad news to the "queen of sea"
That there is going to be another 
Grievous loss to see
The "goddess of the ocean" sighed with a loud moaning
And laid her right hand on her heart for praying
She prayed
For the victims of war
For refugees of freedom 
For little Aylan,his brother,his mother and all
Whom will never see
Another sunrise 
Over the sea

Shahla Latifi


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