Apple Orchard

شعر بلند انگلیسی که از احساسات دلپذیر و دلواپسانه ای یک زن می گوید

I miss you

Do you miss me

Do you feel ecstasy when you think of me

Free as a bird in the garden with sweet air

And the thoughts that are so mellow and tender

As the love of redemption with no greed


I miss you

Do you miss me

As spring that is waiting for the autumn to turn white

And the season could return to the arms of colorful delights 


I miss you

Do you miss me

Like the honeyeater in the apple orchard

In a wish for the scent of the ripe pomegranate tree


I miss you with the feelings that connect

Love and feminine worries into the feelings of the heart

That are content with security


And by time

Again and again

Stable as the sun

As throbbing as the fish that swims in the stream

Free as the wind that dances around a cherry blossom tree

And as pure as the moon lit by the sun

That mystifies the strength of transaction

I miss you

And thinking of you

With the traces of my feelings

With the hidden roaring of intimacy


Shahla Latifi



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